Favorit Motors service facility is now open with a talented team of licensed and professional mechanics who deliver on their promise of quality care maintenance that’s fast, accurate and competitively priced. We understand you want to get it in, get it done and then get out which is why we always ensure the bill matches the estimate. We are proud to say our on-site service manager is directly accessible for all bookings making the waiting process hassle-free. At the time of your appointment, we make it a priority to answer all of your questions with honesty, integrity and character—further attributing to long term retention. Treating everyone like family is something we value which is why we offer convenient hours that fit into the schedule of your busy life.

A few of our specialty on-site services include:

Engine Services

Wide range of engine services including:

    • Complete engine rebuild
    • Oil leak repairs
    • Perform pressure (smoke) test
    • Timing belt and timing chain repair
    • Replacement, rebuild and upgrades of turbochargers and superchargers
    • Repair and diagnostic of fuel system (gas/diesel)
      …and more

Drivetrain Services

Wide range of drivetrain services including:

    • Automatic and standard transmission repair/rebuild/installation
    • Transmission fluid flush
      and more…

Suspension and Steering Services

Wide range of suspension and steering services including:

    • Full repair of suspension system and replacement of:
      – Ball joint, control arm, bushing, sway bar link, coil spring and shock absorber (strut) and its mount
    • Replacement of air springs, air suspension compressor, lines and valves
      and more…

Computer Diagnostic Services

Wide range of computer diagnostic services including:

    • Diagnostics of all car systems, including the engine (i.e. engine light), transmission, air bag (SRS system), traction control, electronic suspension, tire pressure monitor system, etc.
    • Coding, adaptation and reprogramming of control units
      and more…

Electrical Services

Wide range of electrical services including:

    • Battery testing
    • Starting and charging system, troubleshooting and repair
    • Electrical and wiring problems/bad wiring connections
    • Blown fuse
    • Headlight problems
    • Power windows problems
    • Electrical instrument cluster problems
      and more…

Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Book your service appointment today and come check out our extremely cozy lounge with leather sofas, entertainment and coffee brewing on us!